November 6, 2010

The third annual Autumn Winds Tournament took place on a beautifully cool partly-cloudy and breezy day.  Forty-two players participated in this doubles format.  This tourney marked the tenth anniversary of the course's conception and the second year of its completion.  In celebration of the course's first decade, Brent Sanderson nailed the first recorded ace on the course, slamming his disc into the chains from the fourth tee in front of a dozen witnesses.  Cheers could be heard all the way to Springfield.  Brent and his partner Bill MacWilliams were neck-and-neck with Jason Southwick and Rick Belhumeur in the Pro division, and finished in a tie with a stunning 13-under.  A play-off at hole 1 tipped the win to Brent and Bill.

In addition to the Italian Friendly Pizza, Karen once again provided delicious treats for the players.  And Brad Ayotte brought a crock pot full of tasty chili.  Nobody went hungry at this tourney!

If the pictures below aren't enough to satisfy your curiosity, there's a larger collection at Disc Golf Scene.



1. Brent Sanderson and Bill MacWilliams  49 50 99 (Play-off winner)
2. Jason Southwick and Rick Belhumeur  51 48 99


1. Bill Dunne and John Marcinek 54 51 105
2. Michael Saimond and Paul Rashaw 57 52 109
3. Michael and John Kielb 57 55 112

1. Rick Mahoney and Keith Clark 52 53 105
2. Jonathan Dunlap and Geoff Goodale 54 54 108 (Play-off winner)
2. Jason Charpentier and Greg Cellilli  55 53 108
4. Brad Ayotte and Bill Laudon 55 55 110
4. Sunni and Phelon Lyman  52 58 110
6. Isak and Isaias Hayles  57 54 111
7. Patrick Taylor and Chris Langhans 57 56 113
8. Brian Beauvais and Timothy Humphrey 58 58 116
8. Ben Hedderig and Erica Johnson 58 58 116
10. Michael Gaffney and Josh Quackenbush  61 58 119
11. Sam and Terry Plotkin  57 64 121

1. Christopher Larsen and Barry Postero  57 57 114
2. Shane Mitchell and Mike Dufrense  57 59 116
3. Dennis McMahon and Richard Vontell 59 60 119
4. Todd Vishaway and Steve Marcil  59 62 121

1. Joanne and Michelle Fredette  84 83 167

The abundant leaves on the course meant that all the players had to keep their eyes on their discs.
Even with spotters, discs tended to blend in with Mother Nature's multicolored carpet.

Keith Clark powers his approach to the first hole as his partner Rick Mahoney watches.  They went on to clinch the Intermediate division.

There were lots of newcomers at this tourney.  Here, the Novice team of sisters Joanne and Michelle Fredette watch as Shane Mitchell and Mike Dufresne drive off of the second tee.  Shane and Mike took second in Recreational, while Joanne and Michelle won Novice with a respectable 167.

In addition to a sister team, there was also a mother/son team and several brother teams.
Here, Mike Kielb makes a tough putt on 18, relieving his brother John of the chore.

In the Pro division, veterans Jason Southwick and Rick Belhumeur battled Bill MacWilliams and Brent Sanderson,
seen here driving off of hole 1.  Three holes later, Brent would make his ace from the fourth tee.

Jason Southwick makes his putt on hole 1.

Ben Hedderig makes his approach on hole 12 as his partner Erica Johnson watches.

Mr. White Chili, Brad Ayotte, makes his putt on hole 12.

Because of the number of teams, newcomers Chris Larsen and Barry Postero played the second round by themselves.
But it didn't seem to hurt their game; they took the Recreational Division by two strokes.