The 4th annual Winter Winds doubles tournament took place on Saturday, February 12.  Though low in numbers, the players were mighty in spirit, slogging through knee-deep snow and icy winds.  Fortunately, there was warmth in the Bartley Center and plenty of food and drink to go around.  Newcomers Eric Kretschmar and Kyle Moriarty led the pack with an amazing 106 under strenuous conditions.

Two other newcomers in the Novice division, Ed and his son Tyler, completed one-and-a-half rounds but sadly had to abandon the game when Ed pulled a hamstring on the steep slopes.

In spite of that, the sun shone on the course and everyone had a great time.  Special thanks to Jason, Greg and Eric for helping to prep the course.  And congratulations to all for surviving a challenging day of play!


1. Eric Kretschmar and Kyle Moriarty   51  55  106
2. Jonathan Dunlap and Geoff Goodale  57  62  119
3. Greg Cellilli and Jason Charpentier  59  61  120

1. Ed and Tyler Faits  72  --  --

Ed Faits makes an approach on Hole 1 as his son Tyler looks on.

Jason Charpentier attempts a tough putt on Hole 3.

Greg Cellilli sinks his putt on Hole 9 as Geoff Goodale, Jon Dunlap and Jason Charpentier watch.

Geoff Goodale winds up for his drive up the snowy slope of Hole 10.

Jon Dunlap makes his approach to Hole 18.

Kyle Moriarty putts out on Hole 18 as his partner Eric Kretschmar watches.  The two would finish up with a remarkable 13 stroke lead.